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Kaori Yuki Love

The 1st Kaori Yuki Community on LJ

Kaori Yuki Fans
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Welcome to the first Kaori Yuki Community on LiveJournal. For those that do not know, Kaori Yuki is an incredibly talented mangaka (manga artist) who created such works as Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, Boy's Next Door, Gravel Kingdom, Kaine, Neiji, etc.

Anyone with at least a slight interest in the great works of this incredible lady are welcome to join.

Any posts relating to Yuki-san and any of her works is welcomed. Members are allowed to pretty much post about anything they want to that at least has something to do with Kaori Yuki. My only one request is that if your post contains any massive spoilers for any of her mangas, please use the lj-cut which can be found here. The reason I request this is that some people on the community might not wish to have certain mangas spoiled for them, so please keep that in mind when posting.


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Main Moderator & Creator: rose_of_pain

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