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KY Updates

Err meant to give a bit of an update a while back but forgot. I apologize for that but not really too much to update on and I'm sure by now most of you know this already...

+ Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan is now being released in the US by Viz under the name "Grand Guignol Orchestra". I do not have a copy of the English version myself but people have told me that the translation is actually pretty good (for once!) which is a huge relief considering I haven't been too impressed with Viz's translations in the past. For those who have not been keeping up with the Japanese releases, the manga did in fact finish in Japan over the summer at 5 volumes total though the final volume only contains two chapters of Ningyou, the rest of the book is Camelot Garden, one of KY's short stories (which I highly recommend, though it will hurt your brain XD).

+ Iiki no Ki has four chapters out so far. The first chapter has been scanlated in English (go here to get it). However! The scanlator has stated that they will NOT be scanlating anymore of the series so do not bother them about it. I haven't seen any sign of anyone else picking it up yet but here's to hoping maybe someone will. I suspect this will be a shorter one as from looking at the raws, the story seems to be moving pretty quickly and I doubt it will be very long. I estimate one volume total but I could be totally wrong. XD

+ This is kinda old news but forgot to mention it in my last report. Bloodhound has a new bunko version of the manga out that contains the chapters that weren't in the original DX version. There is also a new short chapter, a bit of an epilogue in it. It's a bit...confusing though.

And that's about all on the news front right now.
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